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Re: EH Polyphase

8/21/1999 6:15 AM
Re: EH Polyphase
from my origional Polyphase manual:  
FOOTSWITCH: Alternately connects effect (phasing) or direct unmodified signal to the OUTPUT jack.  
SWEEP/ENVELOPE SWITCH: In the SWEEP position normal phasing is obtained and only the RATE and FEEDBACK controls have any effect. In the ENVELOPE mode the phasing is controlled by the signal level from the instrument through an envelope detector circuit. In this setting the RATE control is inoperative but all others work.  
RATE CONTROL: Varies automatic sweep from very slow to rapid. As the rate is increased the sweep range decreases to maintain a smooth musical quality of effect.  
FEEDBACK CONTROL: Usable in all modes of operation, this control introduces positive feedback for added color and emphasis of the phasing effect. High feedback is desirable for very slow automatic sweep and for adding a vocal quality to the envelope detector controlled sweep effect.  
ENVELOPE SENSITIVITY CONTROL: In the ENVELOPE mode the phasing sweep is controlled by the signal level from the instrument and is therefore controllable by how hard the instrument is played. When this control is properly set, soft playing should produce a slow rise and fall of the phasing effect; but sudden, hard playing should produce a fast rise followed by a slow fall. How far the phasing sweeps, how quickly it rises and how it is damped are all player controllable. When used with high FEEDBACK, some remarkable voice-like effects can be obtained.  
ENVELOPE MODULATION and MODULATION RATE CONTROLS: These introduce a phasing modulation superimposed on the envelope follower effect. This permits a variety of effects ranging from beautifully subtle to extremely bizarre.  
Incidently, ROLAND/BOSS's Phase V does the same envelope controlled rate thing without the extra ENV MOD and MOD RATE controls.

Arnaud Very helpful information, Rick ! (e... -- 8/21/1999 9:02 AM