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Re: Recommendations for Labeling Aluminum Stomp Box

8/12/1999 4:14 PM
Re: Recommendations for Labeling Aluminum Stomp Box
Nice round paint dots can be easily made by touching the head of a finishing nail (or a cleanly prepared flat circular end of a metal rod, etc.) to the surface of the paint, then touching the wetted nail head down on the surface you want to mark. Practice the technique on some scrap first, until you get a feel for how much of a bead of paint to pick up vs. resultant paint dot/mark for the nail head size you've chosen as your tool.  
I started doing this as a kid for marking on/off switch positions, a red dot for on, a black dot for off. I just used Testors model paint in the small bottles. My shoestring budget back then prevented me from using dry transfer lettering.