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Re: The JSH Fuzz, question. (LONG)

8/4/1999 8:02 AM
Preben HansenRe: The JSH Fuzz, question. (LONG)
I agree with you, - the JSH schematic is very simular to the JEN ! The only differences are the transistors and the cap's in the signal chain.  
By the way, is JEN an Italian factory ?  
The reason for asking is:  
Last week i recieved an ORIGINAL VOX Tonebender, more than 20 years old, for repair. It is housed in a BLACK sand-cast box, and there is a white plastic "ring" around the whole bottom plate, just as on the WAH's. TWO POTS: Attack and Level, NO power connector or led. Text outside on the bottom plate says: Made in Italy 250.130. The electronics inside is in a terrible shape ! A preliminary trace shows MUCH simularity with the JEN and JSH. Transistors are BC109C, and the two diodes have 9999 or 6666 signature on them,(i have to resolder them to be more exact). The printet cirquit-board has the signature: JEN 280.054  
When I have finished the restoration/trace, I will supply more information.  
This observation releases another question.  
We all know from various articles on the net, that Sola-Sound (England) made their own ColorSound effects. They also made affects for VOX and Marshall, the Tone Bender series. The Tone Bender mentioned above COULD indicate, that either Sola-Sound or VOX used JEN (Italy)to make their effect pedals.  
Does anyone know the history, with dates, about this ?  
Kind regards Preben.  

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