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Re: Tele pickup tone options

4/23/1999 11:29 AM
Mark Hammer
Re: Tele pickup tone options
With a mini-hum in the brideg position, the most noticeable component will be the added bottom that comes from a side-by-side double coil pickup. One suggestion you might consider is to have a non-polarized capacitor between the pickup and volume control and use one of the switch positions to short it out. When un-shorted, this will remove some of the bottom and make for a thinner, more tele-like sound (although a humbucker obviously won't replicate stock Tele-tone faithfully). You might also try installing one of the inductor-midrange-cut kits, or building one of the homebrew versions (making sure to be fussy about which parts of the midrange get cut), and having that as another position. Between the straight, low-cut, and mid-cut positions, you should be able to get a variety of voicings from a single pickup guitar, when combined with your tone-control.  
You can also get fancy and stick in a 5-way switch and get a few more tonal options.  
Finally, if you replace the variable tone control with one of those 6 position switches (obviously retaining the Tele-style knob for cosmetic reasons), and use 3 or 5-way switch, you can use the rotary switch for presets (e.g., different hi-cut caps instead of the standard one-value cap in tone controls). Since the usual 6-position switch sold at Radio Shack is a 2-pole switch, you can use it to simultaneously select combinations of mid and hi-cut. Between your "pickup selector" switch and tone switch, there would be one whole heckuva lotta options.

lou Thanks Mark this should keep me bus... -- 4/26/1999 7:25 AM