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Re: Anyone have any opinions on EMG select PU's?

1/21/1999 2:56 PM
Re: Anyone have any opinions on EMG select PU's?
Try to answer Steve A's question regarding the sound you think you're after. There are so many pickups available today, mostly good ones, but they all sound slightly different. Even the same pickup can sound different in a different guitar.  
There are probably enough folks who frequent this site that, collectively have sampled many of the available pickups and could offer some direct suggestions if they had a better idea what kind of guitar sound you'd prefer to emulate. Whether or not your playing environment is subject to hum may also matter.  
Many folks are recommending Duncan pickups, and I have some SD's that I like plus others I've tried and don't prefer. DiMarzio makes some good-sounding pickups, too. I've been very pleased with some of their offerings.

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