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Re: Anyone have any opinions on EMG select PU's?

1/20/1999 11:04 PM
Steve A.
Re: Anyone have any opinions on EMG select PU's?
Steve M:  
    I really hate to put in a good word for Guitar Center at the expense of their local competition, but they usually have a pretty big selection of SD pickups in stock so that you can make a direct exchange within the 21 day period (rather than have to send them in to SD and have to wait for another set). This may not be true for all of the GC's, but when I bought my last set of pickups there, I was told that I could return them for a cash refund within 30 days (like most of their other merchandise). Of course, you'd have to keep them "as new"- don't cut the leads short or add shielding or potting. It's hard to beat an exchange policy like that (which they can afford to do because of their volume).  
Steve Ahola

Steve M. Steve A.,I hear you on the ... -- 1/21/1999 8:17 AM