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Re: Anyone have any opinions on EMG select PU's?

1/15/1999 12:52 PM
Steve M.
Re: Anyone have any opinions on EMG select PU's?
I had a set of EMG Select single coils in an Ibanez Roadstar about 10 years ago, and I thought they sounded bad no matter what I did to them. They are quiet, but they have almost no output even when really close to the strings (or anywhere in between). I agree with your assessment, they are pretty lifeless, and I couldn't get a good sound out of them even with pedals. Compared to "real" EMGs, the Selects are really substandard. I've tried a lot of different PUs in my frankenstrat guitars, EMG, Actodyne-Lace, Seymour Duncan, Evans, Schechter, and others but I always come back to the Duncans. I haven't tried any of the boutique single coils such as Fralin, Barden, or Van Zandt so I can't comment on those.  
My suggestion would be to get rid of the Selects and get a set of anything else, as it will be a vast improvement.  
If cost is a consideration, you might try Carvin PUs, which I haven't tried personally, but I know people who have. Supposedly, they aren't great, but they're not bad and they'd probably be an improvement.  
Also, most of the PUs I've bought have been used, so I saved substantially over buying new.  
As always YMMV.  

Rob thanks, i'll probably get something... -- 1/18/1999 4:36 PM