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Re: Tele pickup question

12/5/1998 12:30 PM
Steve A.
Re: Tele pickup question
    In Volume 24 of "Frontline" (Summer '98) there are at least 3 teles with a strat pickup at the neck:  
Page 46: Artist Signature series-  
The J.D. Telecaster (Japanese) (027-9702)  
This one doesn't have the middle pickup. I'm not sure how the special 5-way switch is wired...  
Page 93: Custom Shop namesake models-  
Jerry Donahue Telecaster (010-8902)  
(similiar to above but with SD pickups and gold hardware). Probably have to mortgage your house to get this one...  
Page 100: Custom Shop custom classics-  
American Classic Telecaster (010-4100/2)  
This one has 2 Texas Special strat pickups and a Texas Tele bridge pickup.  
    Lots of nice stuff in the catalog! (Good ammunition when the salesman says- "Oh, they don't make that one anymore" hoping to steer you towards something that they have in stock.)  
Steve Ahola