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Re: Volume control Tone

9/14/1997 2:09 AM
Steve Ahola
Re: Volume control Tone
I haven't dealt with Mouser for many years, but if you have a current catalog maybe you can see if these parts are listed in it:  
"TL021" 6 leads/wrapped with blue tape (1.0H)  
"TL024" 6 leads/wrapped with yellow tape (?H)  
I suspect that these parts are miniature matching transformers (they are built like transformers, with a core and a u-channel frame wrapped around 3 sides of it). They measure 5/8" long, 1/2" high and the core is about 9/16" across. They have two tabs, 1/16" wide and 3/16" long, for mounting onto a PCB. The leads Dan uses are on the side with "P" (for primary?) printed on the tape.  
He uses the outer 2 leads on the TL021 for his regular and super midrange controls. He uses all 3 leads of the TL024 for the Deluxe Vari-Tone kit (with a push-pull pot to select which tap is used).  
When I saw "Mouser" printed on them, I asked him if he ordered them from Mouser Electronics and it was at that time that he mentioned the minimum order (which was something like $250). He gets a lot of his pots from them, too.  
If you can locate these parts in a Mouser catalog, let me know what the stock numbers are so I can order a bunch. (The "TL" numbers are printed in ink on the side of the frame which may or may not correspond to the actual stock numbers Mouser uses).  
I just got out my DMM to measure the DC resistance of these parts:  
TL021 "P" 146 ohms w/center tap  
unmarked 58 ohms w/center tap  
TL024 "P" 515 ohms w/center tap  
unmarked 132 ohms w/center tap  
Since the resistances aren't the same they are obviously not 1:1 matching transformers, but that is what they basically look like.