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Re: Headphone mixer/distribution box

4/30/1999 10:50 AM
AdrianRe: Headphone mixer/distribution box
I had the same want some time ago and have found two good solutions:  
Paia Makes a cool headphone amp kit that I have had good luck with. It's cheaper than buying a Samson etc. AND you to solder. Or if you are canny, just use the schematic to make one up from scratch if you have the skills.  
A cool website called headwise has a wealth of info on how to use stereo equipment speaker outputs with various resistor networks to safely drive headphones.  
They are at  
If i had the info on that page a year ago i could have avoided blowing about 5 pairs of phones in my home studio!  
Good Luck!

Daniel Lapierre Hi Adrian,The web address you g... -- 5/4/1999 10:53 AM