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Re: Cry Baby pot questions

4/29/1999 12:48 AM
Re: Cry Baby pot questions
There have been several different tapered pots in the various cry-baby wahs. The Italian units most commonly had Icar pots which had an unusual (non-defined, compound) taper, and US pedals (mostly) had EJ taper pots from AB, Clarostat, or Centralab. You can use a linear, but you'll need to go up in value to around 250K. If you want a smooth, easier to control sweep, go with one of the Dunlop pots. If you want a more radical sweep, get either my Roc-Pot or Fuller's Fullrange pot.  
Best of luck,  

MKB Gentlemen, thanks so much for the r... -- 4/29/1999 5:59 AM