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Re: LM308

3/1/1999 6:01 AM
Re: LM308
"Is there anybody who measured offset voltages is a TS circuit for various opamps, including those 4558 that is raved about? (I don't have one)  
Another thing to know about the RAT/LM 308 is that it is driven into perfectly symmetrical distortion. It's a precision type.... "
Well, I think RG is going to have a field day with you guys on this topic and my only comment is about the Rat. Whether LM308 or 4558 will make no difference since you are applying a similar reference voltage to the + input of both opamps - not to mention that both ends of the feedback resistor will be at the same dc voltage because the - input is ac coupled to ground.  

GFR I've made a quick experiment where ... -- 3/1/1999 6:27 AM