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Re: Whose not sick of Fooltone yet?

2/2/1999 12:18 PM
HYS chip
Re: Whose not sick of Fooltone yet?
I wonder what folks will think say 20-30 years from now, will fullclone still be around ? if a part fails who will dig that  
back junk off to get to the failed part ?  
Iam very happy for mike, making it in the pedal world,and doing so well,I remember as a kid, that the rca vicrtola would stop working  
my dad would retube it or whatever, and it would work again,it still works and sits in my home now. did rca hide what circuit was inside ? nope they wrote books on it, and a  
few folks cloned the victrola but I tend to think rca still did o.k. I feel this forum helps me to understand the voodoo inside (the box) on the flip side voodoo hipe sells, the masses love it, if I built a bluesbreaker 45 clone tube amp and clearly say put a dallas rangemaster at its input, the masses would yell...solid state...but with some black gook  
and hipe, and voodoo it could be the next dumble....hell I don't know nothin...chip

JD Sleep chip,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>... -- 2/3/1999 9:29 AM