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Making choices in the MN3xxx series

12/30/1998 2:47 PM
Mark Hammer
Making choices in the MN3xxx series
I've been perusing the Panasonic literature on the MN300x, 320x, and 330x series, and note the following.  
1) The lower the operating voltage (330x < 320x < 300x) the faster the chip can clock. So, the low-voltage 3307 can safely clock up to 500khz (around 1msec delay), whereas the 3007 can only safely clock up to 100khz (around 5msec), even though both are ostensibly the same kind of 1024-stage BBD and have the same pinout. Maximum clock rate is obviously not an issue if your concern is getting longer delays (as with the MN3005), but best quality jet-plane flanging requires a chip that can produce delays as short as 0.5msec to produce delay sweeps of at least 20:1.  
2) The MN300x series works off a -16v, NOT +16. The lower power versions (MN320x and 330x) operate off positive voltage, making design a little easier to think your way around.  
3) The MN330x series work work nicely with 5v regulated from a 9V battery. The MN320x series wants the full 9v.  
4) The lower the operating voltage, the worse the noise specs. E.g., the MN3007 is spec'd at 80db s/n, whereas the MN3207 is spec'd at 73db S/N, and the MN3307 at 69db S/N, under the same operating conditions. You also get better headroom and distortion specs from the higher voltage versions.  
Putting all this together, the MN320x series seems like the best compromise solution for many purposes, in terms of getting the best noise and headroom characteristics with the fewest design constraints. If fast clocking is your thing, go for the MN330x series. If you want most headroom and least noise under any conditions, and don't mind designing around it, go for the MN300x series.  
Even though the 320x versions of many chips are pin-for-pin identical to their 300x cousins, please note that the operating voltages ARE THE OPPOSITE POLARITY. DO NOT STICK A 3207 IN THE SOCKET OF A 3007 AND EXPECT IT TO WORK VERY LONG OR VERY WELL.  
Seems to me that, for a 1024-stage BBD, the Reticon chip could clock much faster than the Matsushita equivalent. Anyone know about this? Are there any legendary flangers that take advantage of this feature? I know the PAiA Hyperflange could sweep down to well less than 0.5msec and used the SAD-1024.

John J. Mark, I can't get enough o... -- 12/31/1998 8:34 AM