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DMZ's Q+D Compressor 2 (off Web)

12/3/1998 6:17 PM
John J.DMZ's Q+D Compressor 2 (off Web)
I assembled this circuit according to the schematics layout and value of parts.It wasn't as difficult as others yet I could not get it to function. I visually inspected the connections and saw no improper contacts or reverse installations. There is signal going into the I.C. yet none at the output.Is there a way to test the function of the I.C. as it is suppose to opperate in this particular circuit with only a VOM and a signal tracer.I ask this before I dip in with the probe to troubleshoot.I rather be more informed when I try.THE Depressed Compressor

Jack Orman Make sure that you have pin 12 pull... -- 12/3/1998 8:58 PM