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Echoplex info

9/13/1998 10:52 PM
Mark HammerEchoplex info
The September issue of Vintage Guitar magazine has the third of a series of feature articles on the Echoplex, including an interview with one of the co-originators of the Echoplex, a delightful gentleman named Mike Battle. Mike is 81, and still operating Battle's Electronic Service somewhere in Ohio (either Akron or Cleveland from the sounds of it). From the sounds of it, he's the type of fellow who would probably be happy and proud to answer the odd question about Echoplex functioning, if you can figure out a way to contact him.  
Don't you wish YOU had a grandpa like that?  
("Hi, gramps. Yeah, it's me. Say you wouldn't happen to have any Fasel inductors down in the basement would you?")