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Re: Wah Phasor! Who Made One?

9/8/1998 7:40 AM
Re: Wah Phasor! Who Made One?
Sorry for taking too long to post the schematic I promised. I had some (a lot of) problems with my scanner and the machine I use. There are somethings I'm still in debt, like the volume compensation mod for the Super 60, and all the mails I received about the "AR-15". By the way one of the problems I had with my machine is that I lose a lot of e-mails. Sorry.  
The WaaPhaser appeared in ETI in 1981. It is a state variable filter with a variable frequency and Q. The input gain is reduced when the Q is increased. There's a mix control that mixes tha filtered signal to the dry signal and there's a balance control to balance the effect volume to bypass volume. So there's a lot of pots, most of them double.  
It does not have the "notch" option (altough it's easy to add it). The author states that by using a low Q it sounds like a Wha, using a high Q it sounds like a phaser. I didn't build it, so I don't know how it really sounds.  
I'll upload it to  

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