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Re: Anybody seen the sweep pedal?

8/10/1998 8:13 PM
eric p
Re: Anybody seen the sweep pedal?
Thanks CJ, it's good for me to know those values 'cause I got no spare parts to work with. I believe my Ernie Ball volume pedal uses a 10K, so I could try that and see if I like it. My friend has an EV5 Boss/Roland expression pedal that's in the heap of unused stuff in our studio. Anybody know the value of that pot off the top of their heads?  
The connector reminds me of those that were common on CB radio mics from the same era, and I know where there's a pile of those, too!  
Not much work these days, as much as I'd love to go buy these parts, it's actually fun to rummage. After all, I already got $160 into it. Sure, I could get that back easy, but I think this one is a keeper. We need some money and someone offered me plenty for it, but the other night I used both phasors on my girlfriend's vocals (!) and she has forbid me to sell it! She likes being underwater.  

paul perry eric p says:I think this one is... -- 8/12/1998 6:04 AM