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Boss CS-1, Oberheim VCF,

6/3/1998 6:25 AM
Boss CS-1, Oberheim VCF,
Hi, does anybody have the schematic for a Boss CS-1 compressor? It's the old blue one w/ 2 knobs and a 2-way bright? switch.  
I've got an old corpse sitting in a box that I thought I revive. It's also missing a pot and got some loose wires inside.  
I also got an Oberheim VCF-200 which is a little bit dodgy. It seem to work every once in a while. Any schems or ideas that I could check?  
I've got a bunch of old Voxes, Crybabies, Shin_Ei etc. wah pedals collecting dust at home. Any fun ideas of how to make these things sound better?