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Re: Octavia mistake that sounds cool

5/8/1998 9:31 AM
Re: Octavia mistake that sounds cool
I did have germanium diodes in it and yes, there was a loss of level.  
How I came about discovering my goof was when I decided to try silicon and LED,s in the place of the germaniums I had originally installed. When I went to unsolder one of the diodes I noticed it was in backwards. At that point I turned the incorrectly solder diode around to allow fullwave rectification and went to check it out. There's the octave effect and the level was back also but, I missed hearing the long droning cool distortion tones I was getting before. With the diode in backwards it was more user friendly with the volume knob also, I could turn down my guitar and it would turn into a nice light overdrive. So I installed a switch to select between octave and feedback/doppler sound. I later removed the switch and left it with the diode in backwards (made me a FTM; had a better octave effect!).  
Could I try two or three diodes (sounded cooler with germanium diodes) in series with each other to replace each single diode, in an effort to get more level out?  
One more question, on a foxx tone machine can I install a pot in series with the diode switched in by the octave switch,there by contolling the intesity of the octave effect?