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Re: Wah Inductor

3/8/1998 5:01 AM
Steve A.
Re: Wah Inductor
    Torres Engineering has 2 mod kits for the Dunlop Crybabies that make them sound great! The advanced one uses a 6 position rotary switch to select between different valued caps (0/.002/.005/.01/.02/.033uf) that bypass the 33K resistor between the inductor and the input jack. The basic kit just adds the .01uf cap that was allegedly the favorite of EC and SRV... (So who else was using a wah on recordings back in the mid-80's? They sort of went out with disco until SRV, Satch and Vai rediscovered them. Back then, EC was an aging cult figure, not a Grammy winner. Glad to see he finally got the recognition he always deserved!)  
Steve Ahola

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