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Re: VCF for guitar ?

10/17/1997 5:27 AM
M. Helin
Re: VCF for guitar ?
Try this one:" TARGET="_top">3polevcf.jpg  
(-just ignore mods, they are for analog synth system)  
It's originally designed to work as wah. You need a dual power supply (2 or even 4 x 9V batteries) for this. Select some low-power opamps to be used as buffers like CA3240 duals. Control voltage is input to A1, you could use a pot in guitar, connect it between ground and V+, output from sweep. This is a lowpass filter, so there's more low end than with Crybaby. 6 dB and 12 dB outs give more subtle changes in sound, but 18 dB/oct is maybe what you are looking for.  
I wouldn't put it inside of guitar, but it would be nice to control wah (at least frequency) with pots on guitar.