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Re: ZOOM 1010/ DOD TEC 8/ Digitech RP-6

7/29/1997 12:41 AM
Austin C
Re: ZOOM 1010/ DOD TEC 8/ Digitech RP-6
Hi Chris  
I have recently gone through the very same ordeal. I checked out the Digitech stuff and it was nice- robust housings, convincing sounds etc.  
Same with the ART floor unit although this one wasn't quite as rugged. I didn't come across the Tec 8 unit you mentioned.  
Now here's the good bit......  
I plugged into the Zoom 1010 expecting more of the same, but the little sucker really screamed!  
The clean stuff was excellent, cool reverbs, lush modulation fx, wicked pitch shifting and great cabinet simulators. It sounds good through headphones and sensational straight into a desk or a PA.  
I ended up going with the Zoom 3030 as it wasn't much more than the 1010 and it had a heap of extra stuff including an assignable expression pedal.  
I've had it for quite a few months now and haven't managed to break it. One small quibble is that you can only scroll through the banks in ascending order. They fixed this on the 4040 with up and down bank f/switches, it also has two expression pedals.  
Do yourself a favour and at least give the Zoom stuff a listen.  
Good luck