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LERA update: LERA meets NEO-vibe

5/12/1999 2:55 PM
LERA update: LERA meets NEO-vibe
I've put just a bit more thought into LERA, along the lines of Mark's suggestion that it can be used for anything that you can use a variable resistor for.  
One of my own pet projects is updating the NEO-vibe.  
I've hacked in a VTL54C3/2 LED/dual LDR module for the opto module in LERA, and sure enough, it subs in just fine for the dual speed pot in the vibe. Also, I hooked in the pot of a crybaby shell with the +5/ground on the outside lugs and a SPDT switch to select either the 100uF cap or the wiper of the pot.  
That way, I can pick whether the speed follows the foot pedal or the spin-up/spin-down of LERA, and *gets rid of that pesky dual pot*. I still need to mess with it a little, as I think it needs a minimum speed - at full slow, the vibe LFO stops.

R.G. LERA successful on Small Stone -- 5/14/1999 7:00 AM
JD Sleep Re: LERA update: LERA meets NEO-vibe -- 5/18/1999 12:55 PM