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Re: Best tube preamp box to build?

5/10/1999 4:19 AM
Michael Burgundy
Re: Best tube preamp box to build?
Both the TubeDriver (at Jack Orman´s) and the RealMcTube (at Aron Nelson´s, and my page)are great beginners´ pedals. I´ve built the TD, it´s sounds huge, but keep in mind this IS a DISTORTION, big time. I don´t know about the McTube. Looks great though.  
Both are relatively easy to build. An advantage of the TD might be that it can run off a regular 12VDC wall-wart, the McTube needs AC, and runs on highvoltage (watch yourdelf, ok?)  
Also, the Guyatone a6t RGKeen´s looks like a nice little not-too-hard project.  
Hope it helps.  
All of these are eiter at, or linked at my site;  
effects section, tubestuff