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3/13/1999 3:25 PM
Is it possible to change the width or symetry on anderton's tremolo LFO?  
Also, by recomendation of R.G. in an old thread, I am planning to 'add' three LFO's to make a more 'random' LFO. Should I use three opto's independantly driven by three LFO's then added by stage two of the trem, or should I add them with a new opamp then feed the output of this to a single opto? The later seems cheaper, but I am not sure the opto can respond to the three added signals well. It was also mentioned that three LFO's would be easy to make with a single part. What part # would be good for this?  

Roger q{ It was also mentioned that three... -- 3/13/1999 10:38 PM
Paul Perry My vote is to add the 3 lfo outputs... -- 3/16/1999 3:55 AM