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previous: Ed Rembold Has anyone built R.G.'s Proton Trem... -- 1/6/1999 7:24 PM View Thread

Re: E.H. Pulsar/ R.G. Proton tremolo

1/6/1999 9:11 PM
Re: E.H. Pulsar/ R.G. Proton tremolo I have...  
I haven't heard Fuller's supra-trem. The Proton is an exact repro of the EH Pulsar, which is a simple circuit, but does produce some useful sounds. It's not perfect.  
The Bad:  
The Pulsar/Proton has a small but detectable bit of breathing/LFO passthrough unless you tweak it carefully, and is susceptible to a bit of hiss if you don't select low noise transistors for the gain modulation device. You also need to find a reverse audio pot or live with a "slowness" control for the LFO.  
The Good:  
The Pulsar/Proton is cheap and easy to build, and the sound per dollar is very high. It offers both "triangle" and square wave modulation, and is good sounding if you can overlook the minor flaws.

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