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Re: tychobrahe octavia

12/31/1998 8:09 AM
John J.Re: tychobrahe octavia
Good question. Of course you have checked the battery. The transistors can be checked with a meter for its resistance and voltage specifications.  
Mine seems to be functioning well. Although I don't have another to check the similarities with. The control potentiometers are of the same values on both G.E.O.'s and Philpott's sights. So I assume nothing is wrong there.  
The Transformer is a Audio signal device and  
as you see on the schematic it is blocked by the capacitor from D.C. current. Check the ohms values any way to assure yourself all is well there.  
It is likely the battery, if drained. Bled through the resistors. But go ahead and check each part and let us know what you find.  
HAY! Don't tighten that bolt! "SNAP"...POOOSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!