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Re: tychobrahe octavia

12/30/1998 8:08 AM
John J.Re: tychobrahe octavia
I myself just finished building this device. I had a problem with the sound being clipped. I found the diodes were installed with the dark band negative. The meter however showed the polarity was reversed. After correcting this problem I noticed that I was recieving action from the controls. Yet, if I use my onboard preamp she would start clipping again.  
I was obtaining sufficient amounts of feedback from the intensity control after dialing it beyond it's center mark.  
Would recommend checking the polarity of each component keeping in mind that this device has a positive ground to it.The Transformer I used showed the primary was the correct impedance for the output. I purchased it from Mouser (Part# 42TV011). I used two different schematics for reference. One from G.E.O. and the other from Justin Philpott's sights. Both were nearly the same yet G.E.O. showed the ohms of the transformer as well.  
R.G. should appear and make the appropriate analysis that you need to assure the performance of this effect is nothing but outstanding.  
E to A min. Verse

erin Check to see if the pot is ok.<... -- 12/30/1998 4:03 PM