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Re: An ideal for FX pedal.

12/18/1998 6:00 PM
Re: An ideal for FX pedal.
Yeah I guess your right, it does start sounding like a phasor. I started playing around with my "vintage" GSp 2101 with the notch filters and discovered the phasing effect.  
What can I do to thicken up a wah-wah pedal. I would love to get the wah sound like on Stevie Ray Vaughn's cover of Voodoo Child (slight return). It just sounds so thick! Maybe that doesn't describe it very well. Anybody know what he used there or is it the tube amp cranked thats giving that thick sound, since Stevie always played real LOUD.  
I've got this MorLey wah pedal that's dying to get reborn. Any suggestions for a wah circuit?  
I think the (one)Wah pedal + Tube screamer would still be a neat project, call it Wah-Screamer.