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Re: Clean Octave...

11/29/1998 8:28 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Clean Octave...
The October issue of "Practical Electronics" (or was that Electronics Today International?) had a project by Robert Penfold, that used a phase-locked-loop (4046) to track the fundamental frequency of the input signal and control a tracking switched-capacitor filter to keep out the harmonics from the original signal. The same principle could be put to use tracking the fundamental and generate a multiple of the fundamental, and mix that in with the original. The Boss Super Feedbacker (the orange box) uses the same thing to generate an overtone of the original. Boss has a LOT of stuff stuffed into that little box, and it still only does the job passably well (one of the many reasons why they are not in production any more).  
Soooo....if you want a quick little schematic with easily obtainable components, I'm afraid you are currently out of luck.  
On the other hand, what you call distorted sound is simply an octave up that is just a little grittier than you want. Why not just filter the octave up? The way it is generated makes it dynamically responsive, and personally I find that desirable, moreso than the digital alternative, sometimes. If all that is stopping you from using it is the added grit, then a judiciously placed capacitor here and there ought to do the trick.

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