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TS-9 bypass bleed through

11/21/1998 6:55 PM
Daniel R. Haney
TS-9 bypass bleed through
When I put LED's in the clipper section  
of a TS-9/5/10, there is audible bleed-through  
buzziness in the bypass mode.  
Using a Boss BiFet preamp at any boost level,  
the bleed-through is absent.  
Any ideas about what's happening here?  
No schematic for the Boss BiFet, but I bet  
the output will drive line level.  
BTW, about 3-6dB clean boost on the input of  
a tube screamer type works well irrespective  
of guitar pickup type.  
good cheer,  

marrk Check the DIY archives for a discus... -- 11/21/1998 8:24 PM