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Re: Henry Smooth Phaser Schematic

11/1/1998 7:06 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Henry Smooth Phaser Schematic
Thanks for the schematic Jack. Much appreciated.  
Does Tom's newer design still use the SSM 2040 chip? Last time I was able to find these was in 1982 or something. Luckily I still have 3 working ones (VERY easy to blow). Anyone know if there is a suitable functional replacement for these chips from Curtis or someone else?  
For the uninitiated, these are essentially 4 transconductance amps on a chip, with the control voltage input ganged. While originally intended for use as a 4-pole lowpass filter in polyphonic analog synths, all you needed to do to switch them from one filter mode to another (e.g., low to highpass) was connect the frequency-determining caps to different pins.

Jack Orman q{Does Tom's newer design still use... -- 11/1/1998 8:21 PM