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Project in current ETI

10/17/1998 2:06 AM
Mark Hammer
Project in current ETI
If you can find the current issue of Electronics Today International (ETI), the rather ubiquitous and prolific Robert Penfold has an unusual project. I just glanced at it on the newsstand, but if I have the gist right, it essentialy works like this:  
Guitar drives 4046 PLL (a la BOSS Super Feedbacker)-> output of PLL is divided down by cascaded 4017's - > MF10 switched cap filter chip is driven by pitch-based signal, tracking the fundamental, and filtering out everything BUT the fundamental.  
He describes it as "theremin-like", with a bit of tremolo as the PLL begins to track the note. Basically, it's a dedicated mono pitch-tracker (read budget guitar synth).  
Somehow, the Brits always got the really interesting guitar projects.

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