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on the range again

10/16/1998 1:44 PM
on the range again
New thread on the "mysterious" Rangemaster going on at the Vintage  
Guitar Amplifier BBS. Here's a snippet from some guy who was sent a list  
of parts in the thing. Don't know if it'll help you or not.  
this is a parts list sent to me by a rangemaster owner Hi Pat,  
The resistor values are 3.9K, 470K, and 68K.The caps are (2) 50uf at 9v or more  
(1) .005 at 9v or more(1) .0068 at 9v or more  

gus did you happen to get the potentiom... -- 10/16/1998 2:14 PM
gus A guess at the circuit..005uf i... -- 10/19/1998 1:32 PM
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