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Re: Wah pedal circuits

9/9/1998 6:37 PM
Re: Wah pedal circuits
Hamish, when you said:  
"case in point: I know a guy who traded his  
solid state Crate guitar amp for this other  
guy's crappy old valve amp. An early-60s  
Vox AC30."  
which was the 'poor' guitarist and which was the 'dumb' one? ;-)  
Well, it's hard to say. The guy had the  
control panel drilled for a standby switch  
right after getting hold of it, and  
scratched his name onto it. At the same time  
he had the vib-trem channeld disabled.  
Relevant part: I built Stellan's (sp?)  
wah circuit but I can't get it to work  
properly. I have checked my veroboard layout  
a few times with no luck. It sort-of wahs,  
but breaks into feedback/oscillation  
right about when something interesting is  
starting to happen. I'm about to give  
up (again) and try the kitset "no moving parts" hall effect sensor wah.

paul perry I think the veroboard might be part... -- 9/10/1998 8:56 AM