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Re: Wah pedal circuits

9/8/1998 5:56 PM
Re: Wah pedal circuits
A box of dead wahs. Here in New Zealand,  
the average guitarist* seems to be poorer  
and dumber than anywhere else. The brand  
name Peavey is highly regarded and is often at  
the top of the range available in the shops above the no brand  
far-East rubbish. A dead Crybaby wah would  
probably get sold for $100. FWIW a Boss  
Metal Zone is hot property, as are those  
shitty low end tweed Fender amps they sell  
these days.  
*case in point: I know a guy who traded his  
solid state Crate guitar amp for this other  
guy's crappy old valve amp. An early-60s  
Vox AC30.  
Anyway, the point is, it might be a long  
time before an actual Crybaby wah came  
up for sale, working or not. Casting  
is no biggie as I already have plenty of  
safety gear from welding. A leather apron,  
leather boots, and always having someone  
else around are about 90% of what you need.  
I would say the risks are less than playing  
with KT88 circuitry because at least with  
molten metal, you can see that it's there.  
One alternative is to pay an artist's  
collective or similar group to do it for you.

paul perry Hamish, when you said:"case in ... -- 9/9/1998 9:16 AM