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Re: Wah pedal circuits

8/27/1998 5:45 AM
paul perry
Re: Wah pedal circuits
Hamish, seeing you are in NZ, the latest copy of Silicon Chip mag (sept 98) has a wah as its lead (no pun intended) article. Uses a 4046 as a voltage controlled oscillator, which goes to a MF5CN switched capacitor filter. Nary an inductor to be seen. A good feature is that the Q of the filter can be tweaked by the ratio of 2 resistors.  
The only unfortunate thing is their plans for a pedal assembly, with a metal plate scraping around and forcing a linear pot back and foward. Yeah, right, OK for an hour maybe.  
Use a linear hall efect device & a magnet.  
The UGN3503 is easy to get, it's used in the gear change indicator elsewhere in this issue.