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Re: Fulltone Wah Inductor

8/6/1998 11:53 AM
Re: Fulltone Wah Inductor
Hi Steve,  
The fulltone pot definitely has a modified taper to it. Sorry but I did not measure resistance/positions. But for me it is a big improvement over the original Centralab that was in my pedal. The Centralab worked fine mechanically but had a standard Audio taper to it. Amazing that it still worked so good after all these year and beers (being spilled into it). If you could see this pedal, you might wonder how it ever survived this long... it's definitely been around. The Fulltone covers the sweep much quicker.... Great for doing quick thwacky wah work. Try saying that real fast 10 times :-)  
I've heard good things about the Teese pot too. I know he's done mucho research on the origins of the the wah. I got the Fulltone because it was readily available at the Dallas Guitar Show last year. I'm very pleased with it. You might want to check out Mike's website... I think he has some info about his pots and inductors there.  
About the old inductor. I'm planning to rewind it as soon as I can find the correct gauge of wire. I tried using some pickup wire that I had laying around but it was not the the correct gauge. Even though I had the resistance correct, the sound was very thin and tinny. My guess is that the wire guage and composition play a major part in the resonance factor. Also, I noticed some discussion earlier about the core of these inductors. FWIW, my "03" has only a small brass screw going through it to hold the plastic casing together and to serve as the "core".  
Rock on,  

John Greene About the o... -- 8/6/1998 1:09 PM