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Re: Ultimate phase

6/23/1998 3:14 PM
Mark HammerRe: Ultimate phase
Correct me if I'm wrong, Jack, but didn't this end up as the "Smooth Phaser" in Electronic Musician some 10 years ago? I had both the issue and the schematic at one point, and I'll be damned if I know what happened to either of them (I'll keep looking though). It was a nice little unit, with lots of flexibility. The only shortcoming was its reliance on the SSM2040 filter chip. There was a surfeit of 2040-based phasers for about 8 years, Craig had a few in DEVICE, Tom's, John Blacet had one, there was one in Electronics Today, plus the various suggested circuits in the SSM data sheets, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few in Electronotes.  
The SSM2040 is a convenient little unit for designing phasers, with 4 independent VCA sections that can be configured for just about any 4-pole arrangement you can think of (John Blacet's design - the Phasefilter - was a combination 2-stage phaser and 12db/oct low-pass filter). Just try finding them, though. Finding NOS JRC4558D's, SAD1024's and NTK275's is like finding a Ford Minivan or a K-car next to these puppies!

Jack Orman Correct me if... -- 6/24/1998 8:39 AM