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Re: tubescreamer distortion bleed-through

5/28/1998 9:16 AM
Daniel R. Haney
Re: tubescreamer distortion bleed-through
The distortion bleed-thru is more dependent on  
the Drive level in my limited experience.  
>1) Try compensating for the additional gain by attenuating >a little before the JFETS.  
BTDT. No effect.  
>2) See if the led is not loading switching voltage. If so >use a transistor buffer to isolate the LED from the >switches.  
!! Will do. I am concerned that because the ground  
is synthesized from two 10K resistors, there is no  
good way to get rid of the distortion bleed-thru  
when using higher threshold diodes like LEDs.  
>3) Try substituting the JFETS for ones with lower threshold  
>voltages. JFETs doesn't trun off that much with -4.5V. Most >need about -6V.  
Urg. back to the selection guide.  
> 4) Remove the JFET switching and wire a true bypass stomp > switch like the link in RG's reply.  
I'm not sure this is practical for a TS-5 soundtank  
enclosure without a lot of duct tape and Bondo,  
but will consider it.  
Thanks much,  

gus I have modified a number of ts5s an... -- 5/28/1998 11:15 AM