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Re: Trace-Elliot "Tramp"

4/28/1998 5:59 AM
Re: Trace-Elliot "Tramp"
I have a Washburn VGA-15. It is really quiet, even for bedroom levels. I use it for practicing and to play with a small choir that usually doesn't use microphones, so I can't use my all tube 100W Fender clone with a 4x12 cabinet...  
This tinny amp however sounds VERY nice. It is really bluesy when hard driven. Uses opamps!!!! in the pre with red LEDS!!!! for overdrive and an IC!!!! power amp. It has a small speaker in a bass reflex cabinet to get some bass going on (more than you would expect). Looks good with a "tweed looking" vinyl covering. And is VERY cheap.  
They sure did a good job at Washburn with this amp.  

Pat F GFR - are you the same GFR of "Plat... -- 4/28/1998 7:25 AM