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previous: allen what was the capacitor mod for gett... -- 3/18/1998 2:49 PM View Thread

Re: capacitor mod for wahs

3/18/1998 7:01 PM
chip (hys)
Re: capacitor mod for wahs
try a rotary switch on the .01uf cap from the Q-2's emitter with different cap values Jason liked .02uf the best also the 510 ohm (vox) or 470ohm (crybaby) resitor on q-1's emitter can be changed to a 1k pot Thank RG Keen for all this as he is the mastermind here, also on the fulltone site has a true-bypass layout for the vox that even I understand hehehe cool stuff chip stephens HYS

Ben You can also put caps in parallel w... -- 3/21/1998 9:16 AM