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Re: Fuxx Face Distortion

2/17/1998 7:06 AM
Daniel R. Haney
Re: Fuxx Face Distortion
Re: obsolete parts and whifflings of fairy dust  
Waitasec. Do I solder in the fairy dust  
or is point-contact sufficient? This  
reissue dust doesn't 'sound' as good as  
the vintage stuff, and I need some help  
with the tweaks.  
Go easy on Jack. It's clear that he  
reached his dose limit on second-hand  
vintage effects hype, whether from vendors  
or well-meaning but ignorant end users.  
I spoke with Josh @ Voodoo Labs in  
connection with his Proctavia device, asking  
why he hadn't SPICE'd it for a VFET instead  
of retaining Ge transistors. He replied,  
"...fact is the people who care about germanium  
transistors are more concerned with that fact  
than what it sounds like. the uninformed often  
find little bits of non-knowledge that it  
comforts them to cling to. at this past namm  
show someone came up to me and said "you claim  
all your pedals are analog...fine...but are they  
class A?!?" geez."

Jack Orman We all know that the reissue fairy ... -- 2/17/1998 9:15 AM