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Re: The Technology of the Fuzz Face Redux

1/15/1998 1:26 AM
Preben Hansen
Re: The Technology of the Fuzz Face Redux
Hi again.  
I have read the article. It is summing up nearly alle the posibilities of building a FF clone.  
I will repeat again, a very nice work.  
Last night i was reading the article again, one thing stroke my mind:  
You are talking about the low input impedance and how it could interact with guitar Pick-ups, something that are "compensated" for in the 69 pedal. I then started thinking about the JSH Fuzz schematic, (could be found on the net). In this Fuzz, there is an emitterfollower before a FFalike construction. At least JSH looks like a FF, if you take away the two clipping diodes at the output.  
Would the JSH be a add-on to your terrific FF document?  
By the way, in another message you state that you are planning a UniVibe technology, i look forward to that. I have following suggestions: May be you could include "ordinary Phasers" like Oberheim (6 stages - no feedback) and "traditional Phasers"(4-stages and feedback) and constructions using OTA. The use of LDR versus FET's as variable resistors. Bi-Phasers could also be mentioned, and not to forget the values of the capasitors in each stage.  
The output of the Phasing signal could either be added og substracted from the DRY signal, (it must be if you should hear the phasing effect, otherwise the phasing signal itself produces some sort of vibrato).  
I again have a suggestion. With these technology documents, you have i my opinion covered the original cornerstones in guitar-effect pedals , FF, TS and UV, but one could be missing: The Technology of the WAH-WAH/Cry-Baby pedal. (I know the article "These are one of my favorite things", may be some input could come from this).  
Have you any plans for this too ?  
Thank's again