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Re: workable Mutron III

12/10/1997 6:11 PM
JasonRe: workable Mutron III
My Mutron is ALIVE!  
Just finished mutron clone from RG's beta toner sheets. Love it! The layout was perfect. I used a single LED and 2 photo resitors mounted right on the ckt. board. RG included plans for a light sheild to mount right on the board. Works great!  
I'm still playing around with the value of the current limiting resistor for the LED. I want to try it with a few different pick-ups.There seems to be a lot of interaction between guitar volume, gain knob setting and the current limiting resistor so I'm going to fiddle with that a little more and find a good all round comprimise.  
Still waiting on my 7660 so I can get rid of one of those batteries. Should be here any day now. That will sure make getting this into a Hammond 1590BB with ease.  
I shall return with more info!