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Re: How does a Wah, "wah"???

11/3/1997 7:16 AM
r.g.Re: How does a Wah, "wah"???
The 0.01 cap and the inductor form the primary resonance of the bandpass filter that is the wah. The parallel resistor is the component most associated with the damping of the resoanance.  
Ah, yes, the "unnamed source" mod. I've seen it. It's far better to use a rotary switch to select one of a number of replacements for the 0.01; this is what the EH wah and the Foxx Fuzz Wah did, and is more straightforward than the parallel cap. The  
parallel cap acts like a capacitive divider driving the inductor. This works like a resistive divider; the drive level is lowered by the divider ratio, and the capacitors appear to be in parallel, given that the emitter of the second transistor looks like a low impedance source. It is not as effective a way to do the mod, but it does allow you to change the range without unsoldering anything, which is apparently why "unnamed" did it that way.

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