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Re: Revised BlueBox schem

9/30/1997 2:30 PM
Re: Revised BlueBox schem
Pretty simple, really. The circuits do essentially what the blue box does, generating an envelope waveform and a square wave for the original signal, and chopping the envelope to make the output signal. The only real difference is that the flipflop dividers are replaced with a CD4046 phase locked loop and a programmable divider chip. The divider is used in the feedback loop of the 4046 to cause the loop to lock at a higher multiple of the input frequency. This lets you choose a frequency that is 2/3, 3/4, 5/4, etc higher than the input signal, and this then is mixed into the output.  
The actual implementation is different, but the logical operation is the same. It was in Electronics and Music Makers, I think.

Steve Morrison EML (the folks who made the Electro... -- 10/2/1997 1:27 PM