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6/10/1997 7:05 AM
R.G. Keen
Yep, the unvarnished Fuzz Face is great for leads, less great for chords because of the intermodulation Dave mentions. Try turning the guitar volume back a touch for chords, the fuzz cleans up to a nice blues distortion, and you can then kick the volume back up for leads.  
The NPN one sounds the same IF:  
- you use germanium NPN's (harder to find than even PNP germaniums);  
you can make silicon fuzz faces sound acceptable if you're willing to select through a lot of transistors, but they don't reach the same sound as good germaniums  
- you get the right gains.  
You want the FF transistors to be roughly a gain of 100, plus/minus 20 or so as read by the gain setting of a DMM. Germanium devices have huge gain variations from device to device - one reason we use silicon mostly today - and you'll find that devices from the same type number may very 2:1 or more in gain. The AC128's I get have measured gains from 16 to over 200, so I wind up throwing out about 1/3 to 1/2 of each shipment. There is a slightly different sound between matched gains on both transistors, and unmatched, one higher than the other, as well as whether the higher gain is in the first position or the second one.  
With so few components, every part in the Fuzz Face makes a difference in tone.

Mark Amundson I also built a fuzz face using milt... -- 6/10/1997 7:24 AM