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Re: To all you guys who adjust bias pots

5/12/1999 8:50 AM
Re: To all you guys who adjust bias pots
Another tech I work with was struggling for hours once to do an alignment on an HF radio. He would tune it up to spec. Take it back and reinstall it and the damn thing wouldn't work right. He looked at couplers, antenna, transmission lines etc and finally (correctly) concluded the radio was at fault.  
I provided peanut gallery support and commentary for a couple of alignment attempts until it hit me like a ton of lead that he was tweaking on a variable inductor with a thin bladed metal screwdriver. Essentially that adds to the mass of the core, which screws things all up. We tried my tweaker and it worked perfectly.  
As a joke I wanted to install it back in the rack with the cover off and the screwdriver sticking out of it (it worked fine that way too!) but I got vetoed....  
Sometimes its the little things that kill you.  

D.L I just have to add that I had a son... -- 5/15/1999 1:07 AM